Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Homemade Almond Milk (V)

I like to make my own, that way I know whats in it!
Start off by soaking 1/2 cup raw almonds in water over night or a few hours, this plumps them up. Make sure to use more than 1/2 cup of water since they soak it up.

Next rinse the almonds and add to a super powerful blender and 4 cups of water, chop, ice crush or whatever for a couple mins until its all white and you have tiny chunks floating around.

Strain the Almond milk, first I use just a regular large metal strainer, then if you want it strained even more you can use a large coffee filter or a jelly strainer bag, also a cheese cloth works, if you really wanted to you could use any piece of cloth, just make sure it doesn't have soap residue from being washed or your milk will taste funky. It is easier to use something tougher than paper since then you can squeeze the milk out w/o ripping the paper.

Keep that Almond pulp! You can add it to granola bars, biscotti, or even oatmeal!

Now refrigerate and enjoy!
I would say stores for about 5 days or so. Also make sure you shake it before you pour since tiny pieces can sink to the bottom.

* If you want you can add a sweetener or vanilla flavor to your milk.
* Also for more flavor use less water.

* I recently discovered that in the U.S. raw almonds are no longer raw- Click Here for more info

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