Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are Raw Almonds Raw?

Well I was looking up ways to dehydrate soaked nuts and of course more eye opening news found it's way in my path again. I swear this always seems to happen to me, just minding my own business and then Bam here ya go something to be disappointed about.
              I just found out that if you purchase your "raw" almonds from the U.S. that they are no longer raw even though the package states they are. That's right, due to a couple salmonella outbreaks a few years ago from raw almonds that apparently didn't even come from the U.S. they have been pasteurizing almonds which of course removes all the healthy enzymes. They either have to be steamed or irradiated.
             I am very saddened by this and now feel like finding a healthier milk substitute. Maybe make my own hemp milk, I have found some good information on the health benefits of hemp and will keep you posted on that. I did find some pre-made hemp milk w/o carrageenan, however it is a little too expensive for my taste.

Click Here for only 1 of many articles on the subject if you want to read more.

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