Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pero Instant Natural Beverage

Well I know it's been a few months at least since I stopped drinking coffee or any caffeine and so far so good. I have tried a few different drinks to take the place of my coffee including Teeccino and that was pretty good, however I recently tried Pero which is similar but not flavored and it's not brewed like coffee, it's just a powder that you add to your cup. This works well if you have a 1 cup brewer like the K cup machines, or just boil some water, no biggy. It is very delicious and I have to say I really like the smell of it, kind of a roasted smell, I really enjoy it and you get 3x as many servings as you would in 1 bag of Teeccino, so if your trying to kick the caffeine I would definitely give this a try, I add just a little sweetener and I'm good to go :) I picked it up at my local health food store, if you can't find it you can purchase it on Amazon.

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