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Dr. Bronner's magic soaps are mostly concentrated organic soaps that are good for washing anything from hair to cars, the owners are about doing some good in this world and many other things.

This is about a group of people that try to be vegan for six weeks and learn a lot of things that change their lives in the process.
Click here to watch the full documentary.

Click here too watch the full documentary , warning- most of this is heartbreaking and disturbing but watch it if you want to know the truth about the treatment of animals in the world so that you can do something about it.

 About global warming and climate change.Click here to watch the full documentary (warning some images may be disturbing)

Forks Over Knives- All about the plant based diet and the largest diet study ever conducted and how it relates to our health- The China Study- Trailer #1, Trailer #2 (check Netflix for the whole movie)


Food Inc. about farming and how we eat. Click here for a preview.
Click here to watch an interview with the filmaker and parts of the documentary.

Tapped (bottled water) Click this link for a preview-

Click Here to see a list of more documentaries on beautiful-vegan.

* For more videos check out my Health Video posts.

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