Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Is Coming...

And it's coming up pretty quick, you know what that means...a gazillion eggs will be bought to eat and color. Well if your looking for an alternative I came across this site with some great ideas. I really like the felt ones, however I would use a non-animal material :) Also remember kids like other things besides a bunch of candy in their baskets, try making some homemade sidewalk chalk, or add things like bubbles, coloring books and crayons. Healthier treats would be good too like fruit leather, or freeze dried fruits, nuts, or even homemade goodies that don't contain artificial ingredients, or food coloring.
Although they are not a health food, here are some recipe's I would like to try:
By not buying eggs you show that you do not support the egg laying industry which causes hens to suffer and have a shorter lifespan, yes even "cage free" hens still suffer, please Click Here to learn more. When I learned about the horrible way animals are treated and realized they don't need to die I stopped consuming them. They are no different then a pet dog or other loved animal in your life. It just breaks my heart to see what they go through and knowing this isn't necessary.

*Eggs are also very high in cholesterol, and other things that are not healthy, for more information on why it's a good idea to eliminate them from your diet Click Here and Here

*Click Here for ways to substitute eggs in baking.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

What Pesticides Are On Your Foods

Hi all, I just found this great website that lists the pesticides on certain foods, and what harm they cause, quite interesting. Also remember washing your food doesn't eliminate all pesticides, it is also in the soil and grows into the food and cannot be removed. Even if you buy organic you should still wash your food well, I spray everything with white distilled vinegar no matter what I buy, also even if you don't eat the outside you should still wash it because when you cut the food it could easily contaminate the inside.
Check it out- Whats On My Food

Monday, March 4, 2013

Dr. John McDougall on Vitamin Supplements

Hey guys, here is another video that I recommend watching to learn why taking vitamin supplements aren't best, all you have to do is eat a healthy diet and you will have most of your basis covered, even taking supplements for "insurance" or "back up" is not going to be the same thing or beneficial, also keep in mind that fortified foods like cereals and milks are the same thing as taking a supplement, yes they are usually the same lab created ingredients and not from the true food source, the only supplement that is recommend for everyone is B12, and Omega 3 DHA and EPA if you need it.
 Click Here for his short video on supplementing. And Click Here to read his newsletter that goes into more detail on what he talks about.

*Click Here to learn about B12. What I take.
* Click Here to learn about Omega 3.What I take.
*Click Here for my other post on why I don't take a multivitamin

*Also check out my other Eat Food Not A Pill posts for more info, and which foods contain what vitamin.

*To look up a food and find out what nutrients are in it you can check this site for the list of foods and information taken from the US nutritional data base- Click Here

Friday, March 1, 2013

Top 5 Ways to Save on Organic Food, by Alexandra Jamieson

My dry bulk items :) I love using different jars.
For some awesome shopping tips on how to save money especially when it comes to organic Click Here.

   I can't wait to do my shopping today with these things in mind. Does anyone else get excited when it's shopping day and your surrounded by wonderful produce, and get to breathe in all the fragrant spices when you walk in the door of a co-op? Hmmm.. maybe I'm just weird, but hey we already knew that, like it or lump it! That's what my dad would say.

   On that note I cannot agree with buying in bulk more, it saves a lot of money and reduces waste greatly, if I can buy something in bulk I will, otherwise I will go without for a day or two until I can get to the co-op to get it, unless it's an emergency. As you all know I hate plastic so this is an awesome way to reduce it, and you get to take only what you need, this is good especially for spices. Just make sure to bring your own containers with you! Oh and please wash your hands first before digging into those bins ;)

*If you want to know how to cook dried beans, or how to cook rice to perfection and reduce any arsenic check out my Recipe Tips and Alternatives page for more info.

*Also for a super easy and delicious recipe with dried pinto beans try this one- Refried Beans in a Crockpot , it's one of my favorites!