FAQ: Plant Based/Vegan Lifestyle

Hi Everyone! I'm putting this new page together if any of you are interesting in getting some answers to your questions, or if you know/meet someone that has a whole lotta questions they are asking you. I love talking to people that are interested in my lifestyle and I don't always have the time to answer all the questions I get asked, that could take hours, so I'm in the process of making this FAQ page for anyone that needs it, right now it's just some links to some other websites and FAQ but I thought it would still be helpful while I'm putting mine together, check back and hopefully it will be done sooner rather than later ;)

Engine 2 FAQ

Cadry's Kitchen FAQ

Dr.Mcdougall's Online Discussion Board 

5 Ways to deal with criticism about your plant based diet.

*Also check out other information I have around my blog including- 
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