Friday, February 8, 2013

Caffeine, Good or Bad?

I have decided for an abundance of reasons that I need to quit caffeine for my health, I am otherwise a coffee addict. It bothered me that I could stop other things that are not good for me but not caffeine, so I'm going to do it, if I'm going to help other people try to be as healthy as they can be I have to first help myself.
Today is day 1 of operation goodbye caffeine, so far it's only been 45 mins, lol but hey in the morning is when you drink coffee for sure right? I decided I will have an herbal coffee called teeccino, it is all good for you with out the caffeine, it's non acidic, helps restore alkaline balance, has potassium and soluble fiber, also inulin from the chicory root which supports beneficial microflora that improves digestion, and intestinal health. I have also tried a more neutral plain herbal coffee called Pero which is also delicious click here to see my post and more info on that.
The ingredients in my hazelnut flavor: Organic carob, organic barley, organic chicory, dates, almonds, organic dates, natural hazelnut flavor, organic figs. It tastes great to me with a tiny bit of honey, sugar, or maple syrup. It comes in tea bags or a larger bag of loose grounds that you brew like coffee.

If you are interested in why I'm no longer consuming caffeine/coffee, are interested in cutting back yourself, or are just curious about what it does to our bodies then check this out-

Just a snip-it of what you will read from her blog post:

There are many reasons why we should avoid caffeine, but I will give you a couple. If you read my free report you know the negative impact of acidic foods and substances on your body. Acidic foods (think animal foods and byproducts, junk and processed foods as well as alcohol, coffee and caffeine products) bring our body’s PH levels down. The body, however, has to maintain alkalinity to survive. To fight the acidic impact of these foods, the body uses its mineral storage, primarily calcium, to buffer the acidity. Calcium is extracted from our bones, it buffers acidity, bringing the body back into its alkaline state, however, at the end of the process the used calcium cannot be reabsorbed back into our bones, so the body dumps this precious mineral with urine… leaving our bones deficient, making us prone to all bone related diseases, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. , not to mention that acidic conditions are a prime requirement for diseases such as cancers to thrive in.

That alone was enough to tell myself it stops now! I have a hard time knowingly doing something that is this harmful to my body. People still tell me " you'll die of something eventually anyway" and I just say well if I can help it why do something that hurts me? I want to be as comfortable as I can in my old age, hopefully I make it that far, I know anything can happen at anytime, but if there is a chance I could live to be an old lady I want to feel as good as I can when I get to that point with the least amount of suffering, that means starting now. I do it for myself, my future children, and family so that I can be in their lives as long as I can, and they don't have to suffer a loss that may have been postponed.

**Update: Well I can't remember when I posted this the first time, but I haven't touched coffee since this post! Woot! Go me! Other than eating some chocolate I have not consumed any caffeine and I'm going strong, I guess it can be done! :)

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