Saturday, May 19, 2012

Italian Pasta Salad (V)

This is a great summer salad and it feeds a lot of people, it's also very easy to make, you can use whatever pasta you like, my mom always used Wacky Mac veggie spirals for the colors, however I would suggest something else if you wanna go the healthier route.

Makes 1 huge bowl for a crowd:
1 12oz package of Wacky Mac or other pasta, spirals work best.
1 bundle of raw broccoli (about 3 cups)
1/2 head of raw cauliflower
2 large carrots or 2 cups baby carrots
1 5.75oz jar of green olives
1 can of black olives (optional)
2 bottles of zesty Italian dressing* 

*If you don't like the ingredients in store bought dressing Click Here for an oil substitution & italian dressing recipe. It works just the same! You can also use any favorite vinegar based dressing you like, I love Maple Grove Farms Fat Free Greek as well.

-Break apart broccoli and cauliflower in desired bite sized pieces, cut carrots in small strips about 2 inches long, baby carrots would be cut in 4 pieces, (cut in half and then in half again). Regular carrots depending on the thickness might need more cuts. As long as it's bite size your fine :)

- Cook your pasta in a large pot,(we like it al dente) and while it's cooking steam your veggies for only 2-3 mins, you want them to still be hard but not raw, or soft.

-Rinse veggies in cold water and put in a large bowl, when pasta is done also rinse in cold water and add to the same bowl.

-Add the rest of the ingredients and only 1 bottle of dressing to your bowl and mix gently, refrigerate until ready to serve. Keep the other bottle of dressing to add right before serving if it's not served right after making, it can get a little dry without oil.

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