Tuesday, April 10, 2012


-Ever get those little bugs in your flour or pasta? Well they say If you put a bay leaf in there with it that it helps keep them pesky things away, I've been adding it to everything, sugar, oats, etc. and so far so good! Just make sure you don't scoop it into whatever your making lol, It doesn't alter the flavor of your food either.

-I also hear they don't like spearmint so I had some old gum lying around and just opened up the wrapper and set a few sticks in my cabinets.

-Peppermint is a good one as well, I blotted some peppermint extract on a cotton ball and put it in little mesh bags. Careful it has a strong sent.

-Vinegar of course, if you spray and wipe where the ants have a trail it basically erases it so they don't use it again.

-I hear lavender works but I have not tried this yet.

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