Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Vegetable Soup (V)

I just basically throw everything into this soup, sometimes I call it garbage veggie soup lol. You don't have to make it exact, you can mix it up depending on what you have on hand, although I highly recommend adding the sweet potato, it gives it a very distinct flavor that makes it different from any other veggie soup. This is a good delicious way to eat some veggies you might not eat raw or otherwise, it also makes a lot and I don't mind since I like leftovers and then I don't have to cook for a few days or you can freeze some :)

Vegetable Broth, 6 cups (I like to use Emerils Organic Vegetable Broth)
Onion, 1 medium, chopped
Celery, 2 stocks
Sweet Potato, 1 large (the lighter colored ones)
Carrot, 2 large
Rutabaga, 1/4-1/2 of a medium size, depending on your tastes
Parsnip, 1 medium

Bay Leaf, 1 large
Garlic powder 1/2 tsp
Parsley Dried, 1 tbs
Salt to taste, my mom always said pepper is better to add when you eat it since it can overwhelm the soup

Frozen Veggies:
Green Beans, 1 cup
Corn, 1/2 cup (technically its a grain but whatever lol)
Baby Lima Beans, 3/4 cup
Peas, 1/2 cup

-In a large pot saute onion until transparent, I just use a splash of vegetable broth instead of oil.
-Cut celery, carrot, rutabaga, and parsnip into bite size pieces, then add to the pot with onion and pour in the vegetable broth.
-Add the bay leaf, garlic, and parsley
-Bring to a light simmer, after about 30 mins add the sweet potato in bite size pieces, (add this later so it doesn't fall apart from being cooked too long) continue to simmer another half hour or until veggies are tender.
-Add the frozen veggies and let simmer about 10 more mins.

Remove the bay leaf and enjoy! And I always like to have bread with all my soups if you couldn't tell, Yum!

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