Thursday, March 8, 2012

Next Stage To Be Chemical Free

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Well I'm ready to move further in the direction I'm already headed into a chemical free lifestyle. I have removed my nail polish and hair products from their regular home and I will either give them away to people that don't think they will change or dispose of them properly. I don't paint my nails too often so I can make do with the once in a while 8$ purchase of water based polish. It's the mousse that I will miss a bit since my hair is a frizzy thick mess without it, but I have some homemade recipes to try out for gel, also I put a little coconut oil in my hair and that helps, and I can always flat iron or put it up if need be. I won't be switching to organic shampoo until my highlighted portions of my hair have grown out enough to chop it off since I hear organic products can have an effect on chemically treated hair.
           I have already eliminated my past lotions, body wash, and make up. I also still use my homemade deodorant. So far so good. One thing at a time is the way to go I think, when you get used to doing w/o one thing move on to the next, don't do it all at once or you will feel deprived and crash. Right now I feel really good about it, almost like an uplifting and cleansing. It's an ongoing journey, learning not to care about if I'm "cool" or not, there are much more important things to worry about then what other people think, do whats right and feel good about that! It's nice not having so many options to try to choose from, this way I pretty much know what not to use and it's nice.
           If you happen to be on this journey too just keep going at it no matter what stage your in, just know other people are doing it too and it's worth it!

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