Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reed Diffuser

If your anything like me you have a bunch of cute little vases you couldn't say no to at the antique store you bought for a couple bucks. I have these all over my house and it occurred to me one day I could make my own reed diffusers, it will be no where near the price you buy them at, and it will be in a container I like without all the chemicals. I combined some of what I learned from several websites and here is how I prefer to make them;
  • Small Vase
  • Essential Oil
  • Diffuser Reeds
  • Mineral Oil
  • Vodka
-Mineral oils are found at Pharmacies, this is used as a non-evaporating base to hold the essential oils.
-The Vodka can be cheap, doesn't matter just not diluted.
-Make sure your vase has been glazed on the bottom, if it hasn't it will leak all over. If your not sure then test it with some water on a safe surface for a while and see if it leaks.
-Your vase should have a small opening on the top so that it doesn't evaporate as fast. And a large base so it can hold enough liquid.
-Pick up some Reed sticks, not bamboo, they don't absorb as well. You can probably find these at your local craft store.
-It's best not to use a plastic container

-Pour 1/4 cup mineral oil in a glass measuring cup, add 2-3 tbs vodka, these don't mix naturally so stir well, the vodka thins the oils to help it move up the reeds.
-Add the essential oils, should be about 75% base and 25% essential oils.(try about 10 drops to start if your not sure) Stir thoroughly.
-Pour into your vase and add about 5 reeds that are about twice the length of your vase and flip them over after a few hours and again every few days.

*If you want you can just use the essential oil and water, however it may not last as long.

Click here for Info on Essential Oils. I love to use lavender or vanilla.

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