Saturday, January 28, 2012

Great Mascara

Organic Wear by Physicians Formula
I hate that a lot of us don't have the confidence to show our faces in public without makeup on even though we probably look better without it, but you know we wear it anyway.  Even if I decide not to wear a lot with my blond eyelashes I always have to have my mascara lol and I disliked all the chemicals in other mascara's and as usual went on the search for something I could get at a reasonable price and in a store I could go to instead of paying extra for shipping online, so I tried this after hearing some good reviews. I had tried the other kind they have where only the top handle looks like a leaf and it seemed to smear throughout the day. This however rocks! Not only is it better for your eyes, it stays on all day without smearing and washes off with almost just water! The brush is also decent, it's thick and doesn't get clumpy, I highly recommend it. I got mine at Target I think about 8-9$ and I'm sure you could find it at a CVS or Walgreens as well.

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