Friday, March 18, 2016

New Facebook Group "Trying out Vegan"

Hey everyone! I decided to make a group called "Trying out Vegan" for anyone that is interested in a healthy vegan lifestyle. I made this group for anyone that might be looking for some guidance, if you're not sure where to start, if you're just curious, or even if you want to try it out for a short time, come on over!
A healthy vegan lifestyle means not eating any animal products (we are promoting a plant based diet),not buying anything with animal products in it, and not contributing to the harm and exploitation of any animal. A vegan diet by default also helps reduce the negative impact on the planet by reducing one of the major pollutants created by animal agriculture. Also a plant based diet is scientifically proven to improve health and minimize and/or reverse the risk of disease. This group will help you learn how to do all these things, and provide information to help you.
This group will not contain any judgmental members, we will be a kind, and understanding group no matter where you are in your lifestyle. You DO NOT have to be vegan to join, we only ask that you do not promote non-vegan products, or recipes. If you are already vegan you are more than welcome to join as well, that would be awesome!. Feel free to recommend this group to anyone you think might find it helpful as well. Hope to see you there!

 Click the link below to join!