Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had an awesome scary day!

I started my day with delicious Happy Herbivore Pancakes and I boiled a sliced apple with 1 tsp of cinnamon and a splash of water, added in 1 tsp of arrowroot powder (like cornstarch) with 1/4 cup water and made a delicious sauce for the top, Yum! My sister said the pic looked like it was smiling lol :)

We originally planned on raking some leaves today since it needed it badly but instead we decided to hit up a thrift store and the used book store for fun. I tried on a million pairs of jeans and didn't find any that fit well enough to buy, oh well that's how it goes!

This evening we made Sweet (Split) Pea Soup which is delicious with some garlic toast, then set out a basket of candy for the kiddos, next year I will get back to making my little gift bags that don't contain sugary candy, I feel bad contributing to unhealthy things. Anyway now were going to go watch a Halloween movie :)

I hope it's this one!

Oh I almost forgot, check out this awesome pumpkin art- Click Here

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